Change export path

Hello everyone,

I have a bit of a tricky situation here. I normally use AnkiDroid, but the only (Windows) computer I have access to for heavier editing of my decks has a locked desktop.

That means that I cannot export the changes I made as the desktop cannot be modified. Is there a way to export to another path?

Do you have an AnkiWeb account that you sync to regularily?

If the changes are only available on the computer, then I think you have no option but to transfer them somehow from there.
If you really don’t want to lose your collection on the computer, a possible but complicated solution would be to use a Live USB.

Hello abdo,

The other issue I didn’t mention is that the computer also has all internet access disabled. As it also would not allow me to install Anki without admin permissions, I am in fact already running Anki from a USB (‘Anki portable’). Or did you mean running Windows from a USB?

Could there be some way to convert the files from the ankidata folder into a .colpkg?

The exporting screen should be prompting you for the location you want to save the file. Can’t you just select a different location at that point?

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Hello dae,

Is there a prompt in the newest version of Anki desktop? I didn’t try updating since even the manual’s phrasing seemed to imply that it always exports to desktop.

Yes, there is.

Got it, I will try to install the newest version on my USB then. Thank you.