Change default font of HTML edit mode to a Monospaced font

In the desktop version, one can easily edit HTML by clicking on the relevant menu option, or pressing Ctrl+Shift+X.

However, this editor defaults to an arial font, with no way to change this.

Given the fact that typical html code relies on proper indentation and tag alignment for readability, it would be useful to be able to select the kind of font that is used in this window (or at least default it to a monospaced font).

PS. Incidentally, 99% of the time I enter HTML mode is to add ‘ul’ tags to create bullet points. I am very surprised that the main editor doesn’t provide a shortcut to create these …

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You may find the add-on useful Card Layout Editor - syntax highlighting, monospace font - AnkiWeb

Thanks @ankipalace. This isn’t quite what I want though, since this is for the card layout editor, whereas I’m specifically referring to the html editor (i.e. the one that can be launched pressing ctrl+shift+x when adding a note).

Also, for some reason the card layout editor is already using a monospaced font. I don’t know if this is the default font or something I changed in the past…

The latest beta switches that screen to monospace.

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Many thanks Damien, much appreciated.