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Hi all,

Might it be possible to add the option to change an Anki Forums account username? Other account settings can be edited, just not the username itself. This, for example, is possible in Github.

Unsure what system this forum is based on (and thus the functionality may already be available), or if it is a custom site.

Certainly nothing important, but thought I would ask.

This is a Discourse forum. It looks like your username is set, but you can change your “Name” to change what is displayed. How do I change my display name? - support - Discourse Meta

Hey @Danika_Dakika!

Quick reply. Thanks, knowing the system helps. You’re right the display name can be added as well, however, it leaves the base username as the same.

Maybe an admin might be able (and willing) to adjust the following setting for a new user such as myself?

Thanks for any help.

If you find that the functionality exists for Discourse-hosted forums, be sure to post the instructions as well. That will help folks determine if it is feasible/needed here.

Seems possible since it is a built-in setting, not plugin

Admin > Settings > Users: username change period

I’ve had this setting for a long time:

It only adds to the names displayed where the profile information is shown:

From everything I read last time, with the forum’s current settings, the name normally has to be changed by an admin (or mod?). There was an option to allow people to change it themselves, but it had to be enabled / adjusted like in @NameLessGO’s image above. The reasoning was that it may break context across the forum.

For where the Admin -> Settings -> Users came from: User has no option to change username? - #2 by cpradio - support - Discourse Meta

Jeff Atwood codinghorror co-founder’s update to the question of breaking context:

Ah, I see. Jeff Atwood codinghorror is an example of {full name} {username}. We just don’t have that here.

Please send me a message with the username you want. Please don’t make a habit of it :slight_smile:

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Thanks @dae, message sent.

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