Certain amount of time to learn all cards

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Maybe this question has been answered before, maybe I am just too stupid to find it.
But I did not find any answers for my problem.So here it is:

Does anyone know or have any good ressource for the correct settings if I want to learn all my cards until a given day.
Like if I have 10 days left for example - so that the APP will work perfectly according to that specific number of days. Or one week, or two.
Sometimes I do have to learn things really fast (mostly 1 or 2 weeks) and I would love to see how to adjust the App to meet my goals.
Iโ€™ve received many ideas but they yet ended up in not helping me at all.

Thanks a lot, greetings from the center of europe :heartbeat:

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I donโ€™t think thereโ€™s much magic to it.

  1. Get your New cards introduced.
  2. Keep studying using Filtered decks.

More details in the FAQ. Settings for using Anki to prepare for a large exam - Frequently Asked Questions


If you use FSRS, you can use FSRS4Anki Optimizer and maybe Simulator (though that would take too much time) to find an optimal desired retention for the amount of cards you intend to introduce and review, and time to spend. A simpler version is the โ€œCompute optimal retentionโ€ button in Anki.

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