Cards placed in the parent deck instead of the child

Hi folks

Sometimes while I’m reviewing questions in a deck X which is a parent of Y and Z, I think of a new question for deck X::Y and then press add

However, I don’t know which deck this note lands in.

I never expect any notes in the deck X; I intend all notes should be in Y or Z


  1. how do I find cards in X but not Y or Z?
  2. how do I move them?

I would like it if:

  • When searching for cards there should be a filter for cards in this deck but not child decks
  • When reviewing or editing an existing note it should show the deck it’s in. (Just like during creation)
  • When editing an existing card it should be possible to move what deck it’s in

From the Browse screen in AnkiMobile, you can use the Select option to select a group of cards, then Actions to move them to a different deck. If you tap on Tools in the editing screen, you can move individual cards.

To find cards in parent decks:

To show the deck during review:

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Thank you. The solution was to browse with the filter

deck:A -deck:A::*

Then hit action change deck.

Perfect and works on mobile