Cards from subdecks do not show up

I have a deck called “Inglês” (English) and in it I have other 4 decks. However, when I’m doing my flashcards in “Inglês”, cards from two of the four “subdecks” never show up. Those are: “Inglês - Regular Expressions - Russian” and “Inglês - w/Series - Portuguese - Phrasal Verbs P1”.
I have already tried to change “daily limits”, but when I do that to only one deck, all the others change to the same configuration, including decks that aren’t in “Inglês” deck, and I know that it shouldn’t happen.
I also tried to put manually when I wanted to practice the flashcards from the two decks (the ones I’m struggling with). That kinda helped, but the options “Easy”, “Good” and “Hard” led me to wait for 9 months, 1 year etc to practice the flashcard again, and it’s not effective at all.
Could someone help me solve that problem? And, for last, I’d like to sorry for my bad English. As you may have already noticed, I’m still learning it (using Anki, btw).
Version ⁨2.1.6

If you need different study options for different decks, you should use different presets (Deck Options - Anki Manual).

The new cards/day and reviews/day limits behave differently depending on the scheduler version. Sounds like you use the original scheduler („v1“). With newer Anki versions there have been updates to the scheduler (v2 and v3, with different handling of subdecks.

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