Card template for adding photos?

Hi! I would like to digitalize lots of paper flashcards with anki. Right now I am snapping pictures of the front and back of the paper flashcard with my phone and adding them to the anki flashcards. I’m using a simple template, so I always have to go through various steps to get where I want to: add picture, select my phone camera, open up my camera, snap a picture of the front of my paper flashcard, say no to the question if I want to crop said image…and then repeat all the steps for the back of the flashcard.

Since doing this for a lot of cards is very time consuming, I was wondering if there is a card template or an easy solution to add pictures (one as the front and one as the backside of a flash card) quickly.

Ideally I am looking for a template that opens up my phone camera straight away as soon as I make a new flashcard. So basically lets me snap a picture immediately instead of adding text, like I would for a normal anki flashcard.

Is there something like that out there?
Anything that helps would be highly appreciated!

Hi, the work should be done using the desktop version.

I guess your main problem then is to digitize the flashcards. Creating a bunch of new Anki cards with existing images is relatively easy: Store all images in one folder, create a list of file names (on Unix/macOS e.g. with the command ls > List.txt), copy all the file names to a preformatted spreadsheet (example below), add colums for other parts of your Anki notes (e.g. frontside, backside), save it as a csv file. Then move your images to the Anki media folder and import the csv file into Anki.

I once did this with sounds and images of birds (asking which bird this is and playing a song, then showing the name and an image of the species): Each column is one Anki note field. How I referenced sound files in the media folder can be seen in the first column, the same for images in the last column.

I would use a document scanner to scan a lot of flashcards.

Good luck.

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FYI, about import CSV file and media folder. Refer to Anki Doc Importing