Feature Request: add "Import picture from iPhone" when making cards


I hope all is well. In recent macOS versions, in many application you have the option of using your iPhones camera to take a picture and immediately “pasting” it to a certain location in the app. For example, here’s how Notes does it:

Why I think this is useful: let’s say you’re making anatomy flashcards. You have (either in a “non-current-desktop” screen or on a paper) an anatomy picture with hidden terminology on it. It’d be very productive to be able to just use your iPhone to take a picture of it and immediately paste it as Front side of a new card. Then you can fill in the terminology, and take another picture as the Back side of the card.

Please let me know if I should add any details/clarifications.

Thank you!

I’m afraid I don’t think the toolkit Anki’s built on supports this. An alternative you can use is to copy an image to the clipboard on your phone, then paste it into Anki - if you are signed in to iCloud you should be able to take advantage of the cross-platform clipboard support.