Card Editor not showing all Edit Fields at once

Hi, one image is best than 1000 Words:
This is how my editor shows:

But I see other editors (and one time I also had it, I don’t know where it went) where you see front, rear, css and everything at once, like in the official tutorial
Where do I find the set up?
Thanks a lot

Now you have tabs for Front, Back, And styling. I think that change was introduced in 2.1.28. You can either click on the tabs or use ctrl+1, ctrl+2 and ctrl+3

Por pestañas me refiero al circulo que hay a la izquierda de Plantilla del Anverso, Plantilla del Reverso y Estilo.


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Thanks for the very quick reply. So, you mean there is no option to go back? I really liked better the other view.
I mean, if you have so much css and fields that you need the whole screen just to make up the framework, maybe you should try making an e-book instead of cards…

I don’t think so. If you really want the split view you can use 2.1.26 or older.

What a pitty…
Thanks for the info!

@dae what about a toggle in the preferences to keep both the old split view or the current one? Does this burden the maintenance too much? These kind of changes never satisfies everyone, as the new graphs do for instance.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll keep an eye on how this screen is received.