Card Browser search bar option: Only search Sort field(s) by default

Easily ⅔ of the time I’m only interested in querying/searching the Sort fields (→ my most important ones), and unqualified queries will yield abundant false positives (from annotation fields, example sentences, …) (as well as arguably causing great overhead the larger one’s collection becomes).

Meaning most of the time, I have to manually qualify the query, commonly also manually needing to add extra wildcards (both particularly annoying on mobile devices & not exactly user-friendly for newbies/non-regex101-people).

  • So it would be neat to have an en easily accessible/toggleable option (like the Card/Note switch) that causes all search input to only match the Sort fields.

(Without relying on the field’s ID string ofc, as that rarely will be the same across all note types.)

Another unrelated idea:

  • When opening the card browser from the Reviewer (b hotkey, …), the search would be more useful if the query was pre-filled with the active card’s deck::. (With perhaps a secondary option to only pre-fill up to the #th top level, for those whose deck is divided into lots of sub-decks.)

Why don’t you exclude the problematic fields from searches in the Fields dialog instead?


Frankly I just didn’t see that option, but now that I do:

  1. It’s perhaps 100+ fields for which I need to set that exclusion manually.
  2. It can’t be easily toggled; I would have to reset these 100+ values each time.
  3. I’m not sure if it applies to AnkiDroid, but that’s a topic for the app’s Github discussions.
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