Can't update add-on

for Quick note and deck buttons (Fork for 2.1) - AnkiWeb when I click “Update” I’m redirected to where I get “Sorry, something went wrong while processing your request. Please try again, and if the problem persists, please let us know.”.

This has happened for the last two days (only for this add-on).


Now this also affects my add-on BetterSearch - AnkiWeb.

This error occured just for the first time for this add-on.

I just changed the compatibility info to “-43”. Now I can’t change the listing anymore.

I changed the compatibility info to “-43” becaus changing it to “-44” led to an unexpected error - I think it was something like “max version too high”. To find out if I made a mistake or the problem was on the server side I thought that temporarily I’d try out “-43” … Unfortunately now I’m stuck with it.

I changed the compatibility info because I wanted to upload a new version for .45 of this add-on.

Sorry, please try again now