Can't switch off Dark mode on Mac

I can’t find a Setting where I can switch off the dark mode. I read about: Tools-> preferences-> switch off dark mode - but my “Tools” dont have a field for preferences. I also read about cards-> option-> switch off dark mode- but my card options don’t have a setting for dark mode either.
Please help me to switch off this dark mode. I want my screen to be white again…

For Macs, it is Anki > Preferences


I did that too and siwtched it to light but only the settings turn to light mode. The rest of Anki (including the cards) are still in dark mode.

If you already restarted Anki so everything would have a chance to re-draw –

That probably isn’t your theme – it’s more likely Styling and formatting. There’s 3 places that could potentially be coming from –

  • The styling for your note type, where classes of formatting can be defined overall for all of the cards, or for specific parts, or specific cards.
  • The card templates themselves call those classes defined in styling, but they can also contain formatting for specific field replacements.
  • Formatting in the text of a specific note is controlled in the note editor by the editing toolbar. If there’s a lot of that to remove, Find and Replace might be useful.
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