Cant log into anki web. login and sign up buttons both dont work

So after almost a year of not using anki, i wanted to get back in to my decks. After synch fails on ankidroid i wanted to safe the decks on desktop and just set up a new account.

Saving worked fine, but as i wanted to log in my old or create a new account on ankiweb i was not able to press the log in or sign in button. I could type in the mail address and the pw but the button was unpressable (existed only graphically?). I tried turning off the add blocks on my browser (brave) and tried other browsers altogether (edge,firefox), but still the same.
Is the site being updated right now or has anyone else experienced this?

The button is deactivated when you don’t put a valid email or don’t type your password. I remember someone reported the issue (on Android though) despite their email being valid.

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Another possibility is that the browser you are using is too old, or has adblockers that are somehow breaking

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