Cannot pack fonts into apkg

I want to share some decks with my friends via apkg but the fonts in the media folder are not packed in. Some Google search results suggest that they should have been included.

The fonts are embedded by

@font-face {
  font-family: MUW;
  src: url("_MongolianUniversalWhite.ttf");

and then put into the media folder.

However, I tested the apkg file and the font files are not included. The css files that also begin with a _ are included.

The packing process is as follows:
Click the Gear icon next to Deck name > Export > Select “format .apkg”, check “Include media”.

Is there anything that I did wrong? Or fonts are not simply packed in as a feature?

For Anki to be able to detect the media references, they need to be in the styling section and not in external css files.

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