Adding Custom Font to Anki

How can I add a custom font to Anki which I have downloaded over the internet.

  1. Open the manual
  2. Search for font
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I followed all the steps yet it did not work. :frowning:

Can you look into what I did wrong. The fonts name is dont.ttf





It is in the collections media file, in case you are wondering. I changed the font name in .card section to my font in case you are wondering

Here is the link to the font

Did you try it without quotes around the name in the .card class?
(Which is addressed further up the same page I already posted a link to.)

Yes I did.

It’s always helpful to let someone know what you’ve tried already.

Is it actually a ttf-format font – and not just a filename ending in ttf?

Yes it is in ttf. I have also named it ending with ttf for good measure

If you changed the name of the file from something else to ttf – it’s probably not a ttf-format font.

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You know, I will try removing it and see how it goes. I havent got much to lose if I try this, I guess.

So I just did try removing the .ttf part of the name. Restarted Anki. Tried once more again, with and without the quote marks. No change whatsoever.

I tried opening the font, and I did notice something strange. The fonts name hasnt actually been changed at all in the first place. Do I have to see the new name in the windows that pops up when I open it.

Wait! Something ticked. It worked! Thank you @Danika_Dakika !

Just for future reference (and this applies for anything related to a computer) – adding/removing/changing the extension on a filename hardly ever changes the underlying file into a different file format. It’s not even something you should try as a solution unless it is specifically recommended (and that will be a very rare situation, because it hardly ever accomplishes anything).

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