Cannot launch Anki from desktop but it works when launched from CLI

Does anyone have any clue why this could happen or where to even begin troubleshooting?

P.S. Forgot to add I’m using Linux and I installed Anki from a deb package.

Did the CLI give you what the problem was? Could you start anki on console and screenshot or copy the logs?

strage situation, could you try running without add-ons enabled? (shift and hold + anki)

When I launch it from CLI, it starts without any issues.

When I launch it from the launcher shortcut, it just exits silently.

Apps launched via the GUI may be logging their output somewhere. If you can find where, it may give you a hint as to what’s going on.

I am having difficulty opening the desktop app from mac.

As the website was recently updated to reflect, the -apple version of Anki requires macOS 12+.

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