Can you mix cards from First & Second Filter randomly?


I have a question that I couldn’t find the answer to in the Anki Manual. It’s about the sequencing of cards fetched from Filter 1 vs Filter 2.

Every day, I’d like to study 15 cards taken randomly from a larger deck (let’s call it Deck A) and 15 cards taken randomly from another larger deck (let’s call it Deck B). So far, no problem, I know how to use Filtered Decks (with the second filter enabled) to do that.

My issue: I’d like the cards from Deck A and Deck B to be mixed randomly during my study session. Currently, it seems that Anki shows the cards from each filter sequentially. In other words, it first shows all 15 of the cards fetched randomly from Deck A, and then it shows all 15 of the cards fetched randomly from Deck B.

My question: is what I’d like to do even possible at this stage? If not, is it a feature that may be considered for future versions of Anki? By feature, I mean a toggle to either “Show cards from filter 1 first, then cards from filter 2” or “Show cards from both filters randomly mixed together”.

Oddly, this only happens in one of my two Filtered Decks that have the second filter enabled. One of them shows card from Filter 1 randomly mixed with cards from Filter 2, like I want. I’ve looked at the options/settings of both filtered decks, but they are the same. Here are two screenshots side-by-side:

Note: I have tried to quit Anki and reopen it. It didn’t change anything.

The purpose is to learn the pattern underlying a bunch of conjugation cards, rather than memorising specific cards/specific instances of the pattern. For this, it helps to almost never see the same card two days in a row, so that my (lazy) brain cannot rely on the memory of a specific card to answer it, and instead has no choice but to recall the pattern that allows me to deduct the answer. The brain is always looking for shortcuts, and so if it can simply recall the answer of a specific card, it won’t bother recalling the underlying pattern.

If you’ve read this far, thank you! I did my best to make this as clear as possible, but feel free to ask if you need clarification

The second filter positions cards after the first, so whether they’ll be mixed depends on if they’re the same type (eg only reviews) or a different type (eg reviews+learning/new)

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Thank you, Dae. It’s a shame we can’t choose to randomly mix cards from both filters, I’ll post a feature request if I can’t find a workaround. Thanks again for the good work!

Instead of using condition A in the first filter and condition B in the second filter, you could use (A) OR (B) in the first filter. Wouldn’t that accomplish what you want?

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Thanks for your suggestion. That’s what I’ve been doing, but it’s only a workaround because it doesn’t allow me to control the number of cards from each search. With the two filters, I can get 30 cards from one search, and only 10 cards from the other search.

This is useful when I want my practice to be focused on a new topic (Filter 1, 30 cards) while still mixing in just a few cards from an older topic (that I already know quite well, so I don’t need as many cards: Filter 2, 10 cards). For some topics I’m learning, mixing two topics in the same practice session gives me useful practice because I have to discriminate between cards from Search 1 and Search 2.

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