Can’t open shared decks

Just installed AnkiMoble

When I try to load a downloaded shared deck into AnkiMoble I hit this dead end message: “ 500: Your collection needs to be upgraded to the v3 scheduler. Please select Learn More before proceeding.”

But I see no “Learn more” message anywhere to select.

Thanks for any help.

In the deck list screen, please tap on ‘default’ to see ‘learn more’ and the button to upgrade. I can’t seem to reproduce this issue on a fresh install though - is it possible you imported an old colpkg first?

No. It’s a fresh AnkiMoble install on a new iPad, and the decks were then downloaded from shared decks. I just tried downloading them to my laptop instead and then importing them through iTunes, but have hit the same dead end. I will see if what you suggested helps. Thanks!

That worked. Thanks!!

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