Can`t open Anki on Windows 10

Hi. When I try to open Anki on Windows 10 the following appears: this application failed to start because no qt platform plugin could be initialized.


I´m using the last version: anki-2.1.65-windows-qt6
I have uninstalled and re installed several times but the same keeps happening. I´ve searched all over but couldn´t find a solution.
I would appreciate some help. Thanks.

  • Try running anki-console.bat. It’s in the same installation folder as anki.exe. For Anki 2.1.65, by default, it’s located at %LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\Anki. Post the screenshot of the terminal window.

  • Try installing and running Anki directly from the C: drive, i.e. C:\Anki.

  • Try the Qt5 version.

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