Can I switch to the new scheduler on 2.1.44 and then go back to 2.1.35?

I need to switch it, but there are essential add-ons that I use that only work on 2.1.35, however I don’t want to reset the learning steps. Will switching on 2.1.44 and then going back to 2.1.35 cause any problems?

I want to say “no” but I’m not 100% certain. You can always load a backup anyways so I wouldn’t worry too much. You know how to downgrade your Profile? It’s via File->Switch Profile->Downgrade & Quit


Yeah, I did that and it does seem to work properly at least for now. It’s just that the way the FAQ is written makes it seem like that’s what they recommend doing in such situations but on the other hand it’s not actually stated explicitly, so I wanted to ask if anyone knows if this can cause problems down the line.

That shouldn’t cause issues.


Thanks <3