[BUG] with languages

Anki has a bug where if u have 2 or more languages on your IOS, he takes the top 2 and mix the languages between the screens on the app. So, if I have portuguese as first option and japonese as my second, some words will be on portuguese and others on japonese! Its an expensive app for IOS, so we dont expect for bugs like this to appear. Please DEVs put it on sprint and work on it! I’ll send a print of 1 screen, but this happens on almost all screens.

Anki falls back on the second language if there is no translation for the first one.

AnkiMobile’s translations are generously contributed by other Anki users. The Portuguese translation is not complete, but I figured a partial translation is better than no translation at all. If you’d like to help out with the translations, please see Translating Anki

I tried to use English as first option and japonese as second, got the same results, it mixed 2 languages on the same words as I showed

Perhaps you have Anki-specific settings that are overriding the system settings? Interface Language - AnkiMobile Manual