Bug with cloze encapsulating a list

When I let a cloze encapsulate a list (specifically, I open it before the list and end at the end of the list), then when I reveal that card all text coming after that cloze gets displayed as if it were inside the cloze (blue and fat).

Works for me normally.
Can you paste the HTML of the field here? (Press Ctrl+X to open the HTML view or use the <> button to the right of the field name). Be sure to use the </> button in this forum editor to paste the contents.

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{{c1::this is<br><ul><li>an example}}</li></ul><div>so you see what I mean</div>

or even

{{c1::this is<br><ul><li>an example.</li></ul><div>}}</div><div>so you see what I mean</div>

The result is the same:

Screenshot 2023-01-21 130322

A related problem may be this: <div></div> makes it difficult to create matjax underneath list

I see. This happens because a div is only partially clozed.

I can’t seem to produce the same HTML when using the cloze button normally though. You’re not adding the clozes manually, right?

Tested on version 2.1.56.

Ahh I was adding them manually and using ctrl+shift+c shortkey, which seems to be the problem indeed :confused: But then it is not possible to exclude some text in the last point of the list, such as a dot for example (to not reveal that there is a list there), which is a drawback…

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