Bug: Tiny scrollbar on front side of cards [v. 2.1.54]

The title and image pretty much says it all. There’s a bugged vertical scrollbar on the bottom right part of the app while viewing the front side of cards.

I’m running version 2.1.54 on Windows 11, 2560x1440 resolution, 100% windows scaling.

It happens on every deck so it’s not caused by any css (it couldn’t interact with that part of the window anyway as far as I know).

It only shows up on the front side of cards. Doesn’t show up on the back side, in the menu, etc.

Resizing the window / zooming in and out doesn’t do anything.
If I scroll up I can see a 1px gray border on the top, if I scroll down it goes out of view.

Not a huge issue but it’s a bit annoying :smile:

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Have you ruled out add-ons? When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions

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I have tried disabling them and it didn’t help, forgot to add that to the original post.

I’ve experimented a little bit and it seems to be something with the windows scaling, if I change it to 125% or higher, the scrollbar disappears, but at 100% it’s always there. Changing the screen resolution didn’t affect anything.

On my other computer (a laptop), it works fine at any scale, so I’m really not sure. Maybe I’ll try reinstalling.

Installing 2.1.54 Qt6 has fixed the issue