(bug report) .html files not supported in Import File feature

I recently came across a software, “Ankify”, that turns notes written in a markdown file “.md” into “.html” file with all the relevant details included in the html file to turn them into flashcards.

I just need to import the “.html” file into Anki for flashcards to be created. However, “.html” is not supported by Anki when importing files. Please help on the matter. How can I import .html files to create flashcards? I am using this version:
Version ⁨23.10.1 (fac9e0ee)⁩
Python 3.9.15 Qt 6.6.0 PyQt 6.6.0

Thank you!

HTML alone doesn’t give Anki enough information about where to put all that information (i.e. note types, fields, etc.). You’ll have to manipulate the file a little more to get it into a CSV format that Anki can import. Text Files - Anki Manual

Please check Ankify.krxiang (add .com to it since I cannot place links here) and his youtube channel, he created a software that turns md files into html files and he imported the deck to anki. I am just unsure how he did it.

You can make/have markdown cards using add-ons


I am looking for a software/method to download separately not an add-on. The point is that add-ons get abandoned sometimes, so it’s only a matter of time before the add-on stops working and I’ll need to switch to something else. I am looking for a software to convert .md files into whatever format I can import to Anki, and I want images to be supported

It looks like a pretty thorough process they have laid out on the site – https://ankify.krxiang.com/. If you followed all of the steps for how to edit your files and get things set up for importing, and it didn’t work – this seems like a question you should ask Ankify. Perhaps they can update their instructions to explain that.

This is valid for software too

if the add-on is popular, likely case for markdown, they will get forked and improved such as the rework version of Markdown and KaTeX Support

We don’t even know if this app is being updated or not, since the changelogs haven’t been updated since version 1, from the screenshot it implies the version is at least 2.12.4

Indeed I have followed the process, but the clear issue remains, and that is the lack of support for .html files in Anki, at least for the version 23.10.1. I am really not sure if they used to support .html files in the past. I have also seen a comment on YouTube of someone having the same issue, not being able to import the .html file while using a new version

I understand that it is also valid for software. However, if the software is independent from Anki, it shall be reliable. In other words, if it deals with the Markdown files separately and turns them into a format and structure that Anki can read, we can import this file into Anki manually. The software, Ankify, does not need Anki Connect add-on, unlike many other plug-ins that serve a similar purpose. Ankify’s job is to turn the lecture notes in Markdown, written in a certain syntax pre-defined by the software developer, into a file format Anki can read. What’s left is us importing this file into Anki manually. I’m assuming this can always be the case regardless of whether the software or Anki are updated or not.

If it meets the requirements for an Anki import file (link I posted in my first response), then it is importable. If it doesn’t, then it probably isn’t. I don’t believe that Anki has been claiming to support import of *.html files –

Anki can import text files, packaged Anki decks created by the export feature, Mnemosyne 2.0 .db files, and SuperMemo .xml files.

(from Importing - Anki Manual).

Perhaps that app is outputting a file that otherwise meets Anki’s requirements, and neglecting to use the right file type. But, again, that’s not something that Anki can fix.

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