Bug report about reviewing ahead

I was using “reviewing ahead” function when the next day is about to come.It reaches “next day start time” when I did not finish reviewing the cards, then an error window occured and those cards were just skipped,some buttons were frozen.
Didn’t copy or screenshot that information.I’ll try make it reappear next time.


It’s best to bury the “next day starts” time deep in your sleeping hours, so you don’t get close to it. (The default is 4am for a reason.)

I suspect the cards were “just skipped” because they no longer met the criteria of the deck – they weren’t due in the future anymore, they were due “today.” Are the cards available in your Due cards today?

If you see it again –

  • Yes, please get a screenshot or copy the text of the error message.
  • Make sure to include you version info from Help > About > Copy debug info.
  • If you’re planning to try to reproduce it (which you certainly don’t need to do), make sure you have all of your add-ons disabled [hold down Shift when you start Anki, until you see the confirmation message].

Please also try the other steps on Troubleshooting - Anki Manual

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