Not due cards but appear

I open a deck then face a card that interval is several years from 2024-6-11,but it due 2024-6-11.
Any way to correct all of the wrong due card?Checking the database has no effect.

The card info shows a review for this card on 11th of June. It seems to me the interval of several years is from this review. The due date and interval seems unchanged though :thinking:

The card info should have included the other three reviews to better contextualise it. But from what I see the card might have been shown in the correct due date.

Edit: I can be wrong, but did you also encounter this for AnkiDroid? It seems impossible that two different Chinese persons encounter the same issue with their English decks and they are reviewing their cards in 14:26 of the same date. It is also impossible that they have the same deck name. Very unprobable unless they are the same person.

If I’m not wrong and you are the same person, you should describe the steps you took to reproduce this. That would help the devs to solve this.

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Yes,I am him.
AnkiDroid is where bug occur,then bug sync to Anki :slight_smile:
I submit a github issue because bug occur on AnkiDroid so didn’t write steps to reproduce here.
Searching for any tool/extension to correct deck in Anki.

Full info:

I hope you find something convenient. But if you would like to try a half-assed idea, you can try rescheduling your cards with FSRS. Just make sure to keep a backup if you wish to try this out.

For anybody else interested in trying to reproduce this: (this was originally reproduced using custom study —> review ahead in AnkiDroid)

  1. FSRS is turned on.

  2. Create a filtered deck with search deck:"deckname" prop:due<=1, limit set to maximum (99999) and cards selected by order due. Reschedule is on.

  3. Review some of these cards.

  4. Upon day change, delete the filtered deck. This should return rescheduled cards back to original deck but the cards don’t get rescheduled.

Is this the bug you submitted – [BUG]: Review ahead but secondary day again · Issue #16588 · ankidroid/Anki-Android · GitHub ? It’s good to keep things connected so we don’t waste efforts trying to help you in multiple places.

The most common cause of things like this is that your 2 installs have gotten out of sync with each other. Are you careful about making sure you sync when you open the app AND when you close/leave the app on every device, every time?

Please also provide your Help > About > Copy Debug info.


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