Bug report about import from .txt

I downloaded the latest version 23.10 from the App Store and found that when I click on the .txt file to be imported, it directly jumps to AnkiMobile without displaying the import window in between, and the .txt file cannot be imported anymore.

I had requests to remove the .txt association because people were wanting to open .txt inside the files app instead. It looks like the change I made missed some things, causing it to do this. If you rename the file to .csv, it should import correctly. Thanks for the report.

Are you planning to remove the function of importing .txt files? Or is this a mistake that caused it this time?

I don’t think it needs to be removed because once you choose to use another app the first time you open it, it will remember the opening method, which is consistent with the logic of operation on a computer.

You will no longer be able to import .txt files, but if you rename them to .csv or .tsv, you can import them.

IIRC, the files app has a built-in previewer for txt files, but that stops working once an app registers support for txt files.

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