[Bug?] "Record Voice" sometimes doesn't record my whole voice

There’s an 30% ~ 40% chance of the problem happening.

I’m using “Record Voice” to record my voice.
I’m very sure that I press “Finish” button after I stopped talking,
but the recorded voice sometimes doesn’t include the last word I said.

For example, I say “Nice to meet you” and press the “Finish” button,
then the voice is recorded like “Nice to meet”.
Is it a bug?

Best regards.

Are you hovering your finger over the button before pressing it? Sometimes devices can register a press before you actually contact the screen, if your finger gets close enough. And are you using bluetooth headphones/microphone?


I put my iPhone on the table when I do the practice, and my finger touch it only when I start and stop voice recording. (I don’t hover my finger over the button)
I’m using iPhone’s speaker without any headphone/microphone.
(iPhone 15 Pro, iOS 17.5.1, AnkiMobile 24.04)
Thank you.

It’s a sample video

Ok, thanks for clarifying. I’ve added this to the todo to look into - maybe a short delay before stopping recording will help.

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