[BUG] Non-sticky field keeps the content of the previous one

If you don’t overwrite the content of a field, even with “sticky field” disabled, it will keep the last content, but it won’t show it.

To reproduce:

  1. Have a note template with at least an optional field.
  2. Create a new note (by clicking on “Add” in the main menu), select the aforementioned template.
  3. Fill in the optional field, and make sure that sticky field is disabled for that field.
  4. Click on “Add” to actually create the new note.
  5. All the fields should now be empty. Fill in all the required fields, but leave the optional field empty.
  6. Click on “Add” to create the new note.
  7. Click on “History”, then on the latest note.
  8. The optional field contains the same content than the first note, even if at the moment of the creation it did not.

Note that if you wrote something in the optional field the second time, everything would have gone normally. I suspect that if you don’t update the content of the field, it doesn’t reset, even if graphically it does.

I can’t reproduce this. Did you rule out add-ons?

Indeed, I can’t reproduce either without add-ons. I’m going to search which add-on causes this behavior.