[BUG] Menu crosses screens on sway/wayland

Arch linux, sway 1.6.1 on wayland, anki 2.1.49 on arch repositories. Using a horizontal 3 monitor setup, with anki on the middle monitor.

When anki is the only window on the screen and cards are being reviewed, the “more” dropdown is in the bottom right. Clicking it causes the menu to appear across the screens being displayed.

Expected behaviour: Dropdown menu detects the edge and expands left instead.

Here is an image to describe the issue. Note that anki is the sole program displaying on one monitor, and the terminal on the right is the sole program displaying on the second monitor.

Does this happen with any other Qt application? With any other application at all?
I have never had this issue with any app with sway 1.6.1 on a dual monitor.

In any case, I doubt this is an Anki bug. My bet is this is either Sway or Qt.

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Ah, it seems in VLC (qt) the issue is not present but in transmission (also qt) it is present. Perhaps this is a qt/sway issue that VLC has just fixed locally. Thanks for the suggestion - I had no idea anki was on qt.