Bug in Review Intervals for some languages in number of cards

In Review Intervals the number of cards is displayed incorrectly for some languages.
Example: Instead of “51 cards”, a “1 card” is displayed, but the column size is correct and corresponds to 51 cards.
For other columns, the number of cards is displayed correctly, but only for number 51 are displayed incorrectly.
Maybe there are some more numbers, but I haven’t found them yet.

For English, German writes correctly: 51 cards

For Serbian, Russian, Ukrainian writes incorrectly: 1 card

Anki version 2.1.35, 2.1.37


Good catch.
Looks like a problem in translations, but I checked Russian and it seems fine. (I just checked the syntax since I don’t know Russian).
The other two are falling back to English since they don’t have translations for this string, but it’s strange that the singular case is matched instead of the plural.

Can you reproduce this in the latest version?

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Thanks for the report, a fix will be in the next update.

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I found more numbers: 31, 91

Anki version 2.1.37

It looks like this bug appears for numbers ending in 1.

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The same bug in the “Card Ease” chart.
Numbers: 121 and 141

If you can reproduce the issue in the latest beta, please let me know.

I confirm this issue in version 2.1.38 beta1 (56ac71ff)

Thanks for checking. Turns out there are multiple issues going on here. 2.1.38 fixes the first one, but another issue is that this string has been translated incorrectly. The “one” category in Russian looks to include things like 141:

But Pontoon doesn’t make that clear, and the English translation further confuses the matter:

So to fix this, 1 will need to be changed to { $ cards } in that string. Would you like access to the translation site so you can fix this and any other incorrect strings you find? https://translating.ankiweb.net/#/

@kelciour if I’ve overlooked something here, please let me know


(I’ve fixed the string linked above - here is what it looked like before the change)