[Bug] In browsers scroll bar resets to top when converting text to mathjax

Reproduction Steps
  1. Open Browser
  2. Select A card
  3. Edit a field by adding some math e.g. “\lim_n n!” (make sure to edit at the end of a long text to force the scrollbar to change position)
  4. select “\lim_n n!”
  5. convert to math with either the icon “MathJax Inline” or shortcut ctrl+m then m
Expected Result

Converts text to mathJax while keeping the current scrollbar position (scroll bar of the field we are currently editing, not the one for the list of cards).

Actual Result

Converts text to mathJax while reseting scrollbar position to the top.
(forcing you to scroll back to your previous position every time you convert some text to math)


This is issue seems to be fixed in 2.1.60

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