[Bug] Decks not exporting deck options

I have several decks that I want to export with deck options set up (new cards per day, new cards order, intervals, etc.) so I can pass them to other people and minimize tinkering with Anki since they are beginners.

I am exporting decks as apkg, with scheduling information included. Most of my decks are exporting correctly, and when importing to a new profile the settings stick. However, the one Cloze deck I have is not. When importing to a new profile it gets assigned the “Default” preset in deck options, instead of the original “Verbs” preset I created (“Verbs” appears in the preset list, but it says it is used by 0 decks). Other decks are all being imported correctly with their preset “Preset1” applied (but they are not Cloze decks).

Is this a bug with Cloze decks? Or am I doing something wrong?

I should add that in the preset list, the “Default” preset says it is used by 3 decks (all the decks I have in that profile), even if when seeing the options for those, 2 of them are using the correct “Preset1”, and only the Cloze one is using (wrongly) the “Default” one.

Thanks in advance!

I have created a new cloze deck with just one card. Set it with my deck options preset and exported it with “include scheduling information” (12 new cards a day and other options in the “Verbos” preset).

Same thing happens. Deck is imported with the default preset (20 new cards a day, etc.). The original preset is copied and listed in the expandable deck options menu, but it is not applied to the deck.

I am attaching the test deck I just made here.

I believe this is happening because the exported deck has no reviews. When importing, Anki is simply checking if the review log is empty to decide whether to import info such as deck options.

@dae I assume this changed in Fix daily counts being included in apkg import · ankitects/anki@b97a8bf · GitHub


So I just did a card review, exported and imported to a new profile and it is actually applying the deck options preset now.

Before, it seems it was exporting it but not applying it. I’m not sure why this doesn’t happen with my other (non cloze decks). They have zero reviews as well, but the only one that’s not applying the deck options is this one.

If I want to share the decks and make sure they carry the settings with them, do I have to give my students the decks with a review? Or is there a way to make the options stick while having zero reviews?

Ok, so I kept investigating and it seems you are correct. Since I have a parent deck with subdecks, what I have done is review one card in each subdeck and then forget all cards. This makes it so that the exporting now keeps the deck options preset.

The only problem now is that, upon importing in a new profile, may review heatmap shows I did a review, even if all my numbers are in blue. Not a huge problem, but not superclean.

I don’t know if this is considered a bug or not, but I think for deck maintainers, it would be good to be able to save all options without having any reviews. It would be more intuitive and would eliminate the steps mentioned above, and thus a lot of time.

Thanks, abdo!

(I will keep the solution open until dae gives us more information and whether this can/will be fixed.)

Logged on Use "include scheduling" instead of trying to infer if scheduling has been included · Issue #2714 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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