Browsing and Syncing Features on AnkiWeb Missing

Hi, Everyone! I am not able to open the window that allows me to browse all decks at one time, as well as check stats, add decks, and sync. I am unsure of how I was able to open it before. I am mostly wanting to use the browse and sync features for now. Please advise.

Ankiweb was mainly designed for syncing and for basic reviewing when you don’t have access to your computer. For browsing, editing, editing decks, etc, the computer program is recommended.

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I’m confused. What is the difference between the computer program and AnkiWeb?

The computer program is the program you should use normally, it can be downloaded from here:

Ankiweb is a free online service, used mainly for syncing your collection between devices, and review when you don’t have access to your computer:


To be a little bit clearer: AnkiWeb works as a “central authority” for syncing. Its main role is to allow several “clients” (ie. Anki on your computer, on your phone, on your tablet, …) too talk to each other. It also provides an interface that allows you to review directly on the collection that is stored at this central authority, but this interface is not intended to replace a regular Anki client, and lacks several core features. Besides, it doesn’t have a “Sync” button because you’re already working on the collection handled by the “central authority”, so the latter doesn’t have to be notified you made changes in the collection, it’s already aware of that.


I’m looking for this. :point_down:t5:

This is the computer program

I have the computer program, but don’t know how to access this window.

can you send a screenshot of what your computer program looks like?

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This is not the computer program, this is Ankiweb, the website you access through your browser. The computer program is an app that you download.

You can download it here:

Install it, it’s going to look like this image you posted above:

Click in Sync and log in with your ankiweb account and your decks will be synced to the program.


All three programs do not work. I’ve attempted to download and I’m still seeing the same thing. Is there something I’m missing?

If you go on that page, click on download, then select, say the 2.1.54 Qt6 version link, you should see Anki being downloaded, then clicking on it should install it. Then, you must execute Anki, which you can probably find by clicking on the Windows icon and typing Anki. Is it what you did?

Can someone call me?
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I’m sorry, unfortunately i’m not able to call you, but I would like to keep trying to help you.

Could you record and send us a short video of what you’re doing when you’re trying to download the computer program?

Here’s what you should do:

Download this:

Double click on the program that you downloaded, it will install the Anki computer program. Once installed, open the Anki app that was installed in your computer (that it’s different than the web version) and that should give you what you want.

Hopefully with your video we’ll be able to see where things are going wrong and help you get it working.


Most users here are probably not American, so it would probably be very expensive to call you. Incidentally, for your own sake, don’t post personal information publicly on the internet (which includes your phone number): public pages are regularly scraped (more or less legally…) by bots whose purpose is to collect this personal information.