Bold/italic/underline sticks at start of note

This issue has been around for quite some time on both Q5 and Q6, across several machines and both on W10 and W11. It’s not related to any add-on.

Basically, if you turn on any of the bold/italic/underline formatting at the beginning of a note, it gets stuck, and whatever you type will have that formatting even if Anki indicates that it won’t after deleting the text you entered. Toggling the formatting doesn’t work either.

Exposing html, there isn’t any code that indicates that there is any formatting waiting to be applied either. It just “happens” when you start typing. The html window is completely empty, and < b > … < /b > appears from thin air as soon as you start entering text.



It’s reproducible for me on 23.12.1 [which I know is old news now, but I didn’t see any recent updates that sound like fixes to this].

I would describe it this way – When you turn on B/I/U before you start typing, the editor doesn’t immediately insert the HTML tags. It’s like it holds them in suspension until you start typing. So, even if you delete what you typed, the tags just go back into their anticipatory/suspension state.

Additional observations:

  • Add Note and Note Editor behave the same.
  • It doesn’t only happen at the start of a note or the start of a field – even in the midst of typing, the exact same “hold tags in suspension” happens.
    • The only difference is that if you backspace one more time, you can get it to release. (It’s more problematic at the start of a field because you can’t backspace to get out of it.)
  • Other ways to get it to release –
    • Click or tab to a different field and back (or select a different note, or different window, of Anki or anything else).
    • Switch to a different formatting with a keyboard shortcut – cannot use that to turn the 1st selected formatting off, but choosing another formatting will
    • [However, clicking on another editing-feature button does not seem to release it]

Thanks for adding more info, nice troubleshooting! :slightly_smiling_face:


I just stumbled upon this in the issue tracker, and I think it’s the same.

That does indeed appear to be the same issue, even if only italic formatting is being mentioned. Interesting that it seems to have been around for at least two years without gaining more attention.

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