Best settings for Anki

Hello guys,

I just finished my second year of my science degree. I started using Anki in the middle of my exams so didn’t do much research before actually beginning using Anki. The lectures contain a lot of pictures and facts so I’m expected to recall a lot of this information.

I wanted to ask, what are the best options to efficiently learn cards and essentially make the best cards for long-term memory. Any links to tutorials of the best settings and cards would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

What are the best settings? The defaults. All you need to adjust is your daily New card limit, and you’re ready to go.

[If you want to switch to the FSRS scheduling algorithm, you have to do that manually, but it’s pretty straightforward. Follow the tutorial to get setup. If you want to know more about what FSRS is doing and how it helps you, start with the first 2 links here.]

How to make the best cards? The Twenty Rules.


Please, KISS - keep it simple, student. Focus on the Anki Manual first before anything else.

The default Anki settings is already optimized for you by the developers

Having too much information on outside sources than the Anki Manual could lead you to dissonance of information where one info can conflict to each other.

Would I say to avoid these info outside Anki Manual? No, it would be helpful sometimes. But when in doubt, always the manual.


Can you elaborate on what the FSRS scheduling algorithm is please?

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The short explanation is that it’s just a different scheduling formula than the Supermemo-based one Anki has used for years. It shows all signs of being better at scheduling cards when they need to be seen, and you can personalize it to make it even better.

But the links that @keks and I posted are the best way to learn more.