Batch edit not adding clipboard images

Batch edit function works fine usually,but does not add images form snips or from anki itself. For e.g. if I took a snip,or selected an image in any anki card and copied it(ctrl+c),and then try to paste(ctrl+v) it in the batch edit dialogue box,then it only enters empty lines. Copying images from my desktop folders does not have this problem.
The pin button on top right corner does only opens the file selector,does not help in adding clipboard items.

Anki 2.1.35
Windows 10

ask anything extra,I will share.

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Do you mean the built in “Find&Replace” functionality, or are you reporting an issue with an add-on? Find&replace expects HTML input, not formatted text.

First off ,apologies for bothering you. The issue is actually with an addon “Batch editing” ,I had been using it for so long I forgot its not a functionality of anki itself. I will contact its author.

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