Background image not changing despite correct name

I have uploaded my own image that I would like to use for the main screen of Anki. I have correctly downloaded the “Custom Background Image and Gear Icon” add-on, and have saved my desired image in the add-on’s background image folder. I have also put in the exact name of the image in the space provided by the add-on config (even the “.PNG” suffix). Still, the image does not change. If I do the exact same process for another image of my choice, however, it does work. What am I not doing with the first image?

Sometimes the image don’t change, but restarting Anki solves it

if your image was not a .png when you downloaded it, run your image into a png converter, changing the name of the image to add .png could break it

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NameLessGO, the png converter you attached made it work! Thank you very much!

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