AwesomeTTSGoogle crashes Anki a lot

Hi Support, I use AwesomeTTS Google Cloud Text-to-Speech a lot and it is randomly crashing and I lose edits and need to restart Anki. I am including the info from the the crash report. Also noticed that now AwesomeTTS add-ons are listed on the add-on page. Is this function no longer supported?
Hope to hear back soon.
An error occurred. Please start Anki while holding down the shift key, which will temporarily disable the add-ons you have installed.
If the issue only occurs when add-ons are enabled, please use the Tools > Add-ons menu item to disable some add-ons and restart Anki, repeating until you discover the add-on that is causing the problem.
When you’ve discovered the add-on that is causing the problem, please report the issue on the add-on support site.
Debug info:
Anki 2.1.42 (8eebfe18) Python 3.8.6 Qt 5.14.2 PyQt 5.14.2
Platform: Windows 10
Flags: frz=True ao=True sv=2
Add-ons, last update check: 2021-04-17 10:00:56

Caught exception:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “aqt\”, line 36, in cmd
File “aqt\”, line 135, in _onCmd
File “aqt\”, line 580, in _onBridgeCmd
File “aqt\”, line 466, in onBridgeCmd
File “C:\Users\joe\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\814349176\awesometts\gui\”, line 121, in _show
self._instance = self._target.constructor(
File “C:\Users\joe\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\814349176\awesometts\gui\”, line 670, in init
super(EditorGenerator, self).init(
File “C:\Users\joe\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\814349176\awesometts\gui\”, line 243, in init
super(ServiceDialog, self).init(*args, **kwargs)
File “C:\Users\joe\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\814349176\awesometts\gui\”, line 77, in init
super(Dialog, self).init(parent)
RuntimeError: wrapped C/C++ object of type Browser has been deleted

Thank you for the report. I’d like to fix the issue sooner than later but I don’t know when I’ll be able to do it.

About the question, I’m afraid, I don’t understand it.

As far as I understand, the error isn’t serious. At least, it shouldn’t crash/close Anki and all edits should be left intact and you should be able to save them after closing the error message. Just closing and opening Add or Edit window again should temporarily fix the issue. There’s no need to restart Anki.

A few possible options:

  • To avoid triggering the error, don’t open the card browser if you have the add or edit window opened.
  • Batch generate audio later (from the card browser)
  • Use on-the-fly TTS (if review cards only on desktop)
  • Disable/uninstall the add-on and install AwesomeTTS - Add speech to your flashcards - AnkiWeb

Morning Kelciour,

Thanks for getting back so quickly.

I’ll give that add-on a try and let you know.

All the Best.