Awesome TTS question

hi all

I am very new to this type of support and communication please let me know if I am breaking any rules. I tried to do some research but didn’t see any issues…

Questions: I use awesome tts and use Google translate for audio. Currently I get audio on both front and back. I truly want it to focus to the back as its the language I am learning. This also happens on anki mobile. Ty in advance.

Hi Deuce,

I’ve moved this to the add-ons section, since you’re asking about an add-on. I’m not very familiar with the add-on, but if you don’t get any replies you may also want to consider using the built-in TTS support from recent Anki versions:


If your issue also occurs on mobile then is not related to the add-on, since mobile does not have addons. I guess you may have the option enabled to replay the front audio at the back, or either you have the field containing the audio referece in both front and back sides.

If you don’t know what I am talking about please share a screenshot of your card template and the card’s fields in browser view.