Awesome TTS - "Cannot record this phrase" - set cookies error

Dear all,

I have ANKI 2.1.65, and it has been working fine on Laptop 1.

Sometimes I need to use Laptop 2, that I keep at my folk’s place. It has the same ANKI installed and till then worked normally.

However, now, suddenly, I cannot record audio using AwesomeTTS, using Google Translate on Laptop 2…

The plugins are up-to-date on both machines.
ANKI versions are completely the same, and haven’t been messed up with (insatallation-wise) for a while, on both.
I went over every plugin settings screen, comparing what I have on Laptop 1 (working) and Laptop 2(not working). Same settings in every single field!

However, on Laptop 2, error appears. See attached images as well.

Any solutions?

Possible solutions

Not related to the issue

But try moving to 2.1.66 as they have fixed a lot of things over 2.1.65

Currently, 23.10.1 is the latest releases, however, they broke many add-ons because they must be ported to version 23.10.

HyperTTS is compatible to 23.10.1 while AwesomeTTS haven’t been updated since July

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