Automatic playback of Anki cards


I am looking for a solution to play Anki cards automatically.
Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything in the net.

Why should Anki be able to play cards automatically?
I know, at first glance, playing cards automatically seems to contradict the Leitner principle.
But from my point of view, this is not entirely true.
Here is a concrete example:
Cards were created for learning new vocabularies, sentences.
Front: Spanish, including audio sample,
Back: English, including audio sample.

From my point of view, it is not always so useful from a learning psychology point of view - it depends on the type of learner and of course the content - to concentrate constantly on the screen right at the beginning of learning new vocabularies, sentences, to give feedback whether one knows the new vocabulary or not.

At the beginning, I’d rather like just to listen to the spoken vocabularies, sentences.
If then the records are also played repeatedly in random order, that would be great.
(For visual learners, this might be a disadvantage).

Another advantage of playing Anki cards automaticly would be:
I could repeat vocabulary and phrases on the go, for example on the bus, without having to focus on my phone.
Other apps, such as Flashcard Delux, offer the option of playing cards automatically.

If this is possible with Anki, I would even go one step further.
Record the automatic playback of the Anki cards with “audacity”, for example, and save it as a mp3.

If any of you have a solution, let me know.

With best regards, Peter Schild El Salvador

Of course, the method - automatic playback - is primarily suitable for learning a foreign language.

I can see how this would be useful for memorizing new words. It helps to hear a word a couple of times in a random order before actively studying it. Prior exposure to a word familiarizes us with it and this helps us to memorize that word better.