Automate cloze deletion from CSV?

I’m new to Anki and searching through this forum and youtube looking for this answer. Would appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction. I’ve created a vocab list with sentences, parts of speech, synonym/antonym, and the word being used in a sentence.

Is there a way for me to duplicate the deck and automate it to make it a clonze deletion deck using the sentence as my prompter and the blank vocab word? I don’t want to have to manually go through and use clonze deletion for each card (it’s 574 words long).

Thanks so much.

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Automating this usually requires some coding, but we have ChatGPT now. Did you try asking it to edit the file to cloze the sentences?

(Programs such as Excel probably have functions to wrap a whole column with some fixed text, but I can’t help here.)

Could you please provide a before/after example?

Trying to search and replace the red column with the sentences in the purple column so I can reimport this CSV as a cloze deletion card.

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