Audio mysteriously vanished (Awesome TTS)

I’ve been using Awesome TTS suddenly audio files for some cards have disappeared. I’ve checked the database, undeleted audio (though I’ve not deleted anything), I’ve checked the media.

Still the problem persists. I have no idea what could have happened.

OK here’s the strangest part I open up a backup from last month and the audio works in the backup. So it is there but it’s not playing in the latest version from this month.

Edit 2:
Ok so the missing audio is playing in the backup. I went back to the latest file from today hoping this would fix the bug but the audio for thousands of files is not playing. Note the audio file is linked in the correct fields all exactly the same.

If the same card plays in the backup but not in the latest version, that implies the media reference differs, and comparing the old and new versions may reveal the problem.


Yes this is indeed the case! I went through it yesterday and a space had been added in some of the media references due to me making macro edits in the browser a few days ago. Lesson learnt - got to be more careful in future.

Although on the other hand, I wonder if this is worth making an added option in Anki for the search and replace - basically an option to ignore all media files.

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