Audio Cuts off Mid playback constantly (MPV Crashing)

At the beginning of my audio files, the audio stops playing. I watched in task manager, and it appears that MPV is crashing each time. When I hit replay, it will often crash 1 or 2 more times before finally playing through the file. The next card may or may not crash mpv, but it’s at a minimum every 2 cards.

The deck works fine on Anki droid, and Anki on iPhone. It’s a very popular deck that I know many others have no problem with.

Running on Windows 64bit, AMD processor (5900x). Newest version of Anki.

Any ideas?

Perhaps this will help: Zzz (legacy) No Sound Fix (libmpv) - AnkiWeb

It may also be related to other software on your machine, such as Desktop Anki 2.1.35 No Audio Playback

Thank you so much! I uninstalled Sonic Studio and the driver! I also disabled NVidia Sound drivers (which I don’t use anyway) to be safe, and it works now!