Arabic text in MathJax not showing up correctly

How it’s showing up in Anki:

What it should be is like this:

Any way to fix it?

@abdo can you help?

I found a way to render Arabic using LaTeX if that’s acceptable for you.

  1. Download the arabtex package. If you’re on Windows you’ll find it in MikTeX.

  2. Go to Tools > Manage Note types, select your notetype and click Options.

  3. Modify the header text to be like this:

  1. Try this text in your cards:
[$]a = \frac{f_{\RL{المحصلة}}}{m}[/$]

The display is not perfect but you can probably tweak it. Some more details here: Arabic - Overleaf, Online LaTeX Editor

It would be nice to be able to do this with MathJax. There is a package for that: GitHub - Edraak/arabic-mathjax: An extension for Arabic math support in MathJax.
I’ll try it and post an update here.

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Thank you very much!
But it looks like it didn’t work really good for me.
I tired to install MikTex on Kubuntu but it didn’t work because of some locale issues.
So I tried it in Windows 11 and MikTex worked there no problems!
But when I tested this equation in Anki

[$]a = \frac{f_{\RL{المحصلة}}}{m}[/$]

The Arabic text didn’t appear, Probably an issue in my system because it worked for you it looks.

Anyways I am going to be waiting for the update post of MathJax arabic.

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