Any tools that make anki from PDF, keep backlink and could use PDF NOT inside its' vault? thx


I wanna open a PDF, highlight it and make it into anki, with backlink back to the PDF page.

Yes there are tools to do that, last time I used tools like “IR xxxx”, “PDF scan, xxx make tools” etc.

But afair, they need you to copy the PDF INTO their folder.

however, the PDF i already put else where, used with other software/workflow.

I knew it is easier to gather the PDF into a vault like to make the backlink eaiser,
but I think using path is also possible (which is i always used).

advise wellcome, thanks

ps there is a software called bookxnote, which is alike marginote3 but for windows.
they could use path for each PDF instead of import PDF into their vault.


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