Answer NOT typed: change font size?


Mostly, I do NOT type anything while the question is displayed; I’d like the text displayed as answer slightly bigger.

In Styling, I tried different things with input#typeans, #typeans, .typeMissed etc; haven’t been able to change text size yet.

How do I get to that text that’s displayed as answer when nothing was previously typed into the question type box?

Thanks :wink:

It depends on the editing font size in the field of its note type.
I inspected the source code, and there seems to be no direct way to change it.
As a alternative, you can use ‘transform: scale’ to change it.

Thanks for replying … :wink:

(which parts exactly would have to be copied into the template … wonders the noob :wink: )

Not a feature request, just a thought:

How about giving a little bit of TLC to this whole ‘Type Answer’ thing?

A while back, the ‘Little Pirate’ was friendly enough to give me some ready-to-paste code to get rid of those annoying arrows that showed up even if nothing was typed.

Couldn’t this become the default behavior?

I’d reckon that if someone uses type:answer, they wouldn’t really want to type in the answer each and every time, just having the option is good enough …

Maybe it’s just me, but I do find it annoying if the postitions of the displayed answers differ considerably (see screenshot in old post) depending on whether or not the answer was typed.

Anyway, for now, I find that the font size is not so much off the mark after all, and I won’t change anything … :smiley:

The arrow was already removed in the no-type case, as can be seen from your screenshot above. Showing the text in a different font when no input was not the best decision, and this behaviour will change in the next beta.

The arrow was already removed […]

Only because of Little Pirate’s lines of code; if it wasn’t for those, there’d be arrows … :wink:

If you’re using 2.1.57, there should be no arrow.

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Oops; thanks for pointing that out!

Cool … :smiley:

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