Answer buttons have peculiar intervals

I have Anki 2.1.43, with Win 10 Pro

I’m seeing some strange intervals for the Answer buttons on one of my cards:

Note that I applied Tools > Check Database.

AFAIK, there are no crazy values in my Options. All values are based on the @Suppy YouTube video on avoiding “Ease Hell”:
“Guide to Anki Intervals and Learning Steps”:

All the Ease Hell videos seem to broadly agree with each other. The only difference might be the Lapse “New Interval”, which they all claim is just a guess anyway. (I’ve chosen the @Suppy guess of 50%)

In Options, here are my steps:

  • New Cards: 15 1440 8640

  • Lapses: <blank> (Note 1)

Note 1: (From manual) “If you leave the steps blank, Anki will not place the card back in the learning queue, and it will be rescheduled as a review with its new interval determined by the settings below.”

I started leaving blank Lapses steps only recently. Maybe that’s causing strange intervals ?

BTW: Maybe I’ve graded this card previously without noticing the intervals. I tend to look only for Good or Again, and ignore everything else.

Any advice ?


Looks like a relearning card. Maybe you have some strange relearning steps or you’ve changed them while this card was in relearning which can also lead to unexpected intervals.



That makes sense. In my post, I mentioned that I recently changed the “Lapses” steps from the default values to blanks.

Because that card was in relearning, I think I’ll simply copy the Q&A to a new card, and delete the current card.