Annotating tool on ipad

Most of us students used to create traditional flashcards which is on paper all handwritten. Using the annotating tool doesn’t help due to its limited features:

  1. The handwritten notes are no longer editable once it is saved on the field. Trying to learn something requires a lot of revisions.
    2.) We cannot highlight on the pasted images. It requires us to use another note taking app like Goodnotes to highlight and write on the image. Screenshotting the notes, and then pasting it to Anki is very laborious. Plus, when there are revisions on a particular screenshot, the work to do is multiplied.

How i wish there’s an upgrade on the annotating tool (1) one which allows us to annotate or edit pasted images on ipad, (2) note field which we can freely create editable handwritten notes and add images to annotate.

I have been trying to learn Anki but these limitations on annotation tells me not to.

I hope Anki will be more inclusive to all types of learners especially on us who rely more on drawings, visuals, and mnemonics for learning not just on plain text.

This is something some users could benefit from. However, iOS has sophisticated tools to work on screenshots and other images. To use a click more seems more realistic and efficient to me than building an image editor within Anki for iOS (with Anki for desktop users asking when their editor is coming, working on Windows/Mac/Linux).